Hire The Perfect, Affordable Virtual Assistant 
In As Fast As 7 Days
Are you tired of doing it all?
We’re here to help you meet the new 
love of your business life.
Lately, it feels like your to-do list has gotten a mind of its own. 

No matter how hard you work, you’re buried alive by tasks piling up day after day.

You do your best to take care of yourself, but you are always last on the list. 

You turn down invites from family and friends because you “don’t have time”.

Late at night you think, “How am I going to do it all?”

You’ve want to hire help, but don’t have the time or money to find it.

You tell your friends, “I wish the perfect person would just appear and help me. 

My life would be SO. MUCH. BETTER.”

Well, your wish has been granted.
Imagine if you could...
Tackle more tasks without the extra effort
Hit your goals faster and easier than you thought possible
Save thousands of dollars to reinvest in your business
Get home by 5pm every night and leave work at the office
Take 3-day weekends and long vacations whenever you want

Make more space to focus on your health and well being
Hire the perfect VA at an affordable rate.
We have over 500 pre-qualified candidates (and counting) with a wide variety of skills and experience at affordable rates that can fit any budget, no matter how small.
Affordable On Any Budget
With starting rates as low as $3.50/hour, our qualified VA's are both experienced and affordable and can fit in any budget, even if it's small. 
Experienced And Skilled
Our experienced, english speaking VA's are easy to communicate with and possess a wide variety of skills and expertise from appointment scheduling to social media management.
Pre-Screened For Quality
All of our virtual assistant candidates go through our strict "Perfect Match" vetting process to ensure we only bring you the best and most talented VA’s. 
Ready to find the new love of your life? 
Book a FREE consultation with our matchmaking team.
Learn how we can place the perfect VA for you in less than 7 days.
Get more done without doing it all yourself.
Here are just a few of the things our experienced virtual assistants can help you do...

Business Administration
  • Scheduling and rescheduling meetings
  • ​Create and send contracts and invoices
  • ​Pull financial reports and statements
  • ​Organize, clean up and manage email inbox
Marketing Management
  • Post content to social media platforms
  • ​Update website images and copy
  • ​Schedule email campaigns and automations
  • Edit videos and images 
Business Development & Sales
  • Find and recommend local networking events
  • ​​Send messages on Linkedin and Facebook
  • ​Send follow up emails to sales leads
  • ​Research and book speaking opportunities
Household Management
  • Set up and oversee household bills
  • Schedule personal appointments
  • Purchase household items online
  • ​Schedule cleanings and home maintenance
Travel Management
  • Find and book flights, hotel and car rentals
  • Research and schedule activities
  • Manage and track travel expenses
  • ​Organize travel documents
Personal Care & Entertainment 
  • Schedule hair, nail and spa appointments
  • Schedule doctor appointments
  • Book dinner reservations
  • ​Schedule children’s activities
Learn how we can place the perfect VA for you in less than 7 days!
"The best investment I've made in hiring a virtual assistant...ever!"
 "I had hired a VA in the past but it didn't work out. VA Matchmakers far outdid my last experience! They met with me first, identified my needs with great care and took time to ask detailed questions to find the best candidates. All of the candidates they found were excellent, I hired a qualified VA on the spot! Everything was done expertly from start to finish and in a timely manner. It made the process surprisingly enjoyable and so easy! My new VA is a perfect fit for me. In fact, I am already thinking of working with VA Matchmakers again to assist me in finding another team member in the near future. 

- Anne-Marie D.
What makes us different?

Done For You

We handle the entire search, screening and interview process saving you precious time and energy.

Personality Matching

Our team looks for the right personality so you can enjoy working with your VA and create a lasting relationship.

Pre-Screened Candidates

A strict vetting process means no wasting time on people who aren’t  qualified to fit your needs.

One-Time Fee

Keep it simple with our easy one-time payment process, no up-charging and middle man rates.

Fast Interview Process

Our unique interview process saves time allowing you to find and hire your VA in as fast as 7 days.

Onboarding Tools

Get helpful resources and information designed to help you and your VA  hit the ground running. 
We make it easy.
Our “Perfect Match Process” works in 5 simple steps and in as little as 2 hours of your time:
  • Fill out our Perfect Match questionnaire 
  • Complete a FREE Matchmaking consultation 
  • Source 3 top-qualified candidates
  • ​Conduct Perfect Match Interview Hour 
  • ​Select and hire your VA
 The VA matchmaking process was easy and supportive all along. From our first contact and ongoing support with questions for the interviews to identifying and delivering the VAs I always felt up to date and safe.

-Uwe D., CEO
Learn how we can place the perfect VA for you in less than 7 days.
Here's what our clients have to say...
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
"The process was heart-centered, professional, easy and fast! The candidates were all sharp, ambitious and professional. They nailed what I was looking for. I would highly recommend the VA Matchmaker team!"

- Judith H., CEO 
"I appreciate the structured, systematic, and organized way you designed this process. It helped to clarify a something that was ambiguous to me. Our matchmaker was wonderfully thoughtful and positive. She matched us so well that we fell in love with two candidates and had to choose both of them! "

- Elizabeth C., Professor
"Working with VA Matchmaker was fast, simple and streamlined. I felt taken care of and knew I was in good hands that understood my business needs and took them powerfully into account in choosing candidates for me. I love my VA! I recommend literally everyone I know to VA Matchmakers now - it changed my life! "

- Kait R., CEO
Find the new love of your 
business life for only $997!
Limited time only. Regularly priced $1,500.
Learn how we can place the perfect VA for you in less than 7 days.
Everything you need to find the perfect assistant in as fast as 7 days!
  • Free Perfect Match Consultation to get clear on needs
  • Three, hand-selected candidates to choose from
  • Perfect Match Interview Session to find "The One"
  • ​Onboarding support to hit the ground running
The Perfect Match Guarantee
It's our #1 priority to help you find the right virtual assistant.

For that reason we offer our "Perfect Match 30-Day Guarantee".  

If it doesn't work out in the first 30 days, and you meet our "re-match" criteria, we'll work with you to find another match for FREE. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients:
What kinds of things can your virtual assistants do?
Our virtual assistants possess a wide range of skills that cross the categories of business administration and marketing to household management. That means our virtual assistants can tackle everything from email management and appointment scheduling, to video editing and social media website updates. 
Do your assistants work part-time or full-time?
You can choose to hire your virtual assistant based on your needs and your budget. Our clients have chosen to allocate as little as 5 hours a week or up to a full-time 40-hour a week position. If you're not sure how much time you think you need, our Matchmaking Team will help you gain clarity in our free matchmaking call.
How much do your assistants cost?
Our affordable virtual assistants range from $3.50 - $20.00 an hour. Our average placement is between $4.00 - $5.00 an hour. 
How does the process work?
Our "Perfect Match Process" works in 5 simple steps. We start with a free call to learn more about your needs and make sure we are the right fit for you and determine if we'd like to work together. If you say yes, we will source 3 top quality virtual assistants that meet your needs. Then, we arrange a "Perfect Match Interview Hour" to help you select the candidate that you like best. Once you've made your choice, we collect payment and connect you with your VA!
How do you find your virtual assistants?
Our Chief Matchmaker sources our candidates through a very detailed process against a set of strict guidelines and criteria. All of our assistants are required to be fluent in english, detail oriented, organized and experienced in either their areas of speciality or previous virtual assistant work. 
What happens if it doesn't work out?
We're happy to say that this isn't typical for our clients. However, if your match doesn't work out in the first 30 days, we offer a "Perfect Match Guaruntee". If your VA doesn't work out and you meet our re-match criteria, we will source another 3 candidates for FREE! 
What if I'm not clear on exactly what I need?
On the free call with our matchmakers, we'll ask you a series of questions to help you (and us) determine exactly what you need in a virtual assistant. By the time you leave the call, even if you don't decide to work with us, you'll have clarity on exactly what kind of support you are looking for. 
How fast can you find someone?
Our team can help you find and hire your virtual assistant in as fast as 7 days. It all depends on how quickly you can book your call with us and when you are available for your "Perfect Match Interview". We move quickly because we know that getting the right support fast is important to you!
Why should I hire someone from the Philippines?
Right now, there is a major shift happening in the Philippines. Educated and trained workers are leaving corporations and call centers organizations for the benefit of higher earnings and a work-from-home lifestyle that is possible through virtual assisting. This means you get access to an experienced workforce at a tenth of the cost. Plus, Filipino's are known culturally to be hard working and english speaking. These reasons and more, make your choice to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines a no brainer!
Find the new love of your 
business life for only $997!
Limited time only. Regularly priced $1,500.
Learn how we can place the perfect VA for you in less than 7 days.

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